My invention that I created and designed is a radio controlled sidewalk chalk drawing toy I call “The Khalk Krawler”. The Khalk Krawler was designed to give children and adults a new and fun way to play with chalk. The inspiration for the idea came from going through various neighborhoods I go through daily with my job and seeing all kinds of art work and pictures in driveways and on sidewalks at various houses. The idea was born shortly after a few weeks of brainstorming.

My challenge was trying to figure out a new way for children to draw and play with sidewalk chalk that wasn’t currently available on the market. The vision of how this might work came from me thinking a little bit about my childhood and how I enjoyed playing with R/C toys as a kid, and that started the gears in my head to going, a collaboration of the two, sidewalk chalk and a radio controlled toy to draw with. The idea was conceived in 2008, but I didn’t act on it or pursue the concept to see if it would work until 2014, and I have spent the last 6 years developing, designing, and trying to get the toy to market, by trying to find a toy company that might have an interest in the product for a potential licensing agreement, or a manufacturer that could produce the toy for me with packaging so I could sell it myself though various online outlets and such. I have had no luck with either thus far.

The Khalk Krawler was designed to be inclusive to everyone, meaning the only limitations when using this toy is the users imagination, disabilities and physical challenges will not prevent you from having fun when playing with this toy. The Khalk Krawler helps to eliminate the need to get on the ground to draw and play with chalk, a very simple idea that can bring outdoor fun to so many once it’s available for consumers, if and when I can find this piece to the puzzle to get the product in front of the right person, company, or manufacturer.