Calling all Makers! 

Makers make the Faire – we know that, and we are extremely grateful that you are considering donating your time and talents to make this event a success!

The Asheville Maker Faire is looking for exhibits from area makers that are:

  • fun,
  • informative,
  • educational,
  • engaging,
  • inspiring,
  • amazing,
  • safe,
  • and especially exhibits that are hands-on or interactive in some way!

Other than that, we’re open to a wide array of exhibit types – making can take many forms (tech, ceramics, textiles, food, craft beer or soda, etc.), and we are excited about having many of them at the Asheville Maker Faire.

If you would like to exhibit at the Asheville Maker Faire, please fill out the application  below (we know it asks a lot of questions, but they really help us plan for a great Faire).  There is no charge for exhibitors, and we may even be able to reimburse you for consumable supplies (contingent on availability of funds).  Commercial exhibitors are allowed, but please understand that the number of commercial booths will be very limited.

What will you need to bring? 

Your enthusiasm and patience, your project or activity, and any materials needed to help explain your project or do your activity.  Most of the Faire will be indoors, but there will be some outdoor spaces if needed.  If you want to be outdoors, bringing a tent canopy in case of rain (or to give you shade if it’s beautiful and sunny) is recommended, as well as four concrete blocks to serve as weights for your tent.  If you can’t rustle up a tent and/or concrete blocks, let us know on the application and we will *try* to track some down.

We are planning to provide lunch and snacks, but a refillable water bottle might be a good idea as well.

The Asheville Maker Faire will be held from on Saturday April 13, 2024 at A-B Tech.

If your exhibit will include anything that is, or could be construed to be, a weapon, make sure you let us know so we can talk to A-B Tech’s Dept. of Public Safety to see if it will be allowed.

What can you expect us to provide?

We will have volunteers to help you unload and set up for the Faire (and man your booth if you need to take a short break during the Faire).  We will also have a 6′ table and two chairs for each standard booth.  If you need more, please let us know.  We will make sure electricity is available and WiFi. (There will be places on the application to tell us what you need).  We will also plan to provide lunch and snacks.  And of course, you can expect our heartfelt thanks – without you, the Asheville Maker Faire couldn’t exist!

Finally, the application will ask you to upload a photo of your project and a photo of yourself or your group, so you may want to have those ready before starting (you can save the application at any time to finish it later).  If you don’t want to upload a photo of yourself or your group, you can use a logo or even just use the photo of your project again.