Maker Geoff Pavey has created a fully 3D printed remote controlled R2-D2 robot. This project has taken almost 2 years to complete. It is made from hundreds of PLA, PLU and PETG plastic parts glued together. Assembly involved a lot of sanding, bondo, painting, more sanding etc. Motors and servos are connected to multiple Arduino boards for control. The head of the robot spins, all of the dome lights work, the panels open and the holo projectors move. The feet motors are from a motorized razor scooter. The whole thing runs on 18v Ryobi power tool batteries. The sounds and animations are run from an app on a phone and the dome and foot drives are controlled with a PS3 controller.

Montford North Star Academy is a middle school in the Asheville City Schools that focuses on Project-Based Learning. Come see how we built our VEX RobotsĀ®, built model thermodynamic homes, and come participate in interactive art, weaving and more!

The Franklin School of Innovation is preparing the next generation of leaders, capable of solving problems and participating effectively and ethically as local and global citizens. FSI will be showcasing various middle school projects.

Come join students from Thomas Jefferson Middle School as we create a collaborative art project from masking tape. Students will be teaching the basics of masking tape art and helping participants make pieces to add to the project.

Join Dr. Bob’s Sonic Interaction by the Moog Foundation. Ever wanted to play a Theremin or sculpt sound with a synthesizer? Dr. Bob’s Interactive Sonic Experience will have synthesizers, Theremins, oscilloscopes and other awesome gear for kids and adults to play and enjoy!

Lee Magination is the vision of Ayran Lee, creating a variety of original 3D printed dragons and other creatures. These models have ball and socket joints which allow them to be articulated and repositioned. The dragons’ size ranges from around 12 inches to 15 inches. Each dragon has its own unique color scheme ranging from every color in the rainbow. Each design is uniquely detailed to the personality of the dragon. Some dragons have backs covered in spikes, some have a serpent-like body with four wings and some have spinning buzz saw coming out of its back.

A gallery with more examples is available at